Working groups

  • Group Discussion Diverse Ambassador Too Student Ambassadors & Mentors NERUPI Working Group interested in student ambassadors and mentors, both their impact on participants in outreach and student success initiatives and the impact of being part of a scheme on the ambassadors and mentors themselves.
  • Btec Residential 289 Computer Boy Diverse Knowledge, Attainment & Pedagogy NERUPI Working Group interested in knowledge, attainment and pedagogy in widening participation.
  • Outreach Girls Uni Connect NERUPI Working Group for Uni Connect members interested in exploring evaluation and application of the NERUPI Framework among Uni Connect partnerships.
  • Open Day Here To Help Engaging Parents & Carers NERUPI Working Group interested in activity and evaluation around engaging parents and carers in outreach and student success.
  • On Track Bath Student and Staff Race and Ethnic Equity Group (SsREE) NERUPI Working Group, formerly know as BAME Student Experiences Group, with a focus on the experiences of Black and Minority Ethnic students and staff in terms of access to higher education, student success, degree outcomes and graduate progression,
  • Group Work At Nerupi Convention 2019 Student Voice Working Group The primary focus of this group is to explore strategies to include the invaluable perspective of Student Voice in rigorous evaluation and analysis of widening participation and equity programmes