Working groups

  • Group Discussion Diverse Ambassador Too Student Ambassadors & Mentors NERUPI Working Group interested in student ambassadors and mentors, both their impact on participants in outreach and student success initiatives and the impact of being part of a scheme on the ambassadors and mentors themselves.
  • Btec Residential 289 Computer Boy Diverse Knowledge, Attainment & Pedagogy NERUPI Working Group interested in knowledge, attainment and pedagogy in widening participation.
  • Outreach Girls Uni Connect NERUPI Working Group for Uni Connect members interested in exploring evaluation and application of the NERUPI Framework among Uni Connect partnerships.
  • Open Day Here To Help Engaging Parents & Carers NERUPI Working Group interested in activity and evaluation around engaging parents and carers in outreach and student success.
  • On Track Bath BAME Student Experiences NERUPI Working Group with a focus on the experiences of Black and Minority Ethnic students in terms of access to higher education, student success, degree outcomes and graduate progression.
  • Group Work At Nerupi Convention 2019 Reflexive Cycle Toolkit NERUPI Working Group supporting the development of resources for members around planning, delivering and evaluating activity