25 Apr 2024

NERUPI Toolkit: Data Collection Strategies – Session 2: Secondary sources

Online (Teams)

Members only

Part 2 of Data Collection Strategies will explore the contribution of administrative datasets to evaluations of intervention strategies. It will consider the challenges of using administrative data and the opportunities for gaining insights to inform access and participation activities.

21 May 2024

Beyond Decolonisation: Transforming University Culture and Curriculum

London South Bank University, 103 Borough Road, London, SE1 0AA

Members only

This event will explore the historical roots of decolonisation, reflect on personal decolonisation journeys, enable sharing of experiences and explore actionable strategies to support change and APP intervention strategies.

06 Jun 2024

NERUPI Toolkit: Data Analysis Strategies – Session 1: Qualitative data analysis

Online (Teams)

Members only

The first part of Data Analysis Strategies will consider the unique role of qualitative research within mixed-methods approaches to the evaluation of an intervention strategy. It will provide opportunities for participants to practise performing analysis on qualitative data, following a 3-step process that includes interpreting themes, and will also give tips for reporting qualitative research.

20 Jun 2024

NERUPI Toolkit: Data Analysis Strategies – Session 2: Quantitative data analysis

Online (Teams)

Members only

Part 2 of Data Analysis Strategies will be on the contribution of quantitative approaches to access and participation intervention strategy evaluations, considering different datasets and types of data. It will explore data analysis methods required for answering different types of research questions.

10 Jul 2024

NERUPI Toolkit: Exploring Evaluation Designs – Part 1: Comparative evaluation designs

Online (Teams)

Members only

​The first part of Exploring Evaluation Designs will consider the role of comparative evaluation designs as a tool for strengthening evaluation. It will provide practical tips and insights into how pre-/post- designs, quasi-experimental comparison group designs, and Qualitative Comparative Assessment (QCA) might be used in the evaluation of access and participation intervention strategies.

17 Jul 2024

Peer Evaluation Course


There is a call for greater rigour and transparency in evaluation for widening participation and equity initiatives but external scrutiny does not automatically translate into better practice. Peer Evaluation provides opportunities for external feedback and objectivity from colleagues with similar challenges and expertise. Supported by a carefully designed curriculum, resources and expert team, participation in the course benefits both individuals and organisations.