Working groups

Student and Staff Race and Ethnic Equity Group (SsREE)

This working group was set up to share and exchange ideas around working with Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME)* students and their experiences. It engages in regular discussions on some of the key challenges faced and how these can be overcome and plays a key role in planning NERUPI events.

The group is open NERUPI members who are working with, or interested in working with, students and staff who identify as belonging to minority ethnic and/or racialised groups.

Themes of interest include:

• Decolonising the curriculum and the impact of university culture including different pedagogies, teaching and learning mechanisms.

• Supporting staff involved in race and ethnic equality work

• The use of BAME terminology and the challenges for research and data collection in relation to intersectionality and different identities that exist within and between groups.

• Exploring the wider student experiences of minority ethnic racialised groups and holistic support across the lifecycle e.g. caring roles; economic empowerment and access to career progression and leadership.

• Highlighting the experiences of different ethnicities and championing anti-racist experiences.


In 2022-23, the group:

  • Undertook research to develop and trial a Culturally Sensitive Curriculum Scale (CSCS) in conjunction with Professor Kathleen Quinlan, University of Kent, Dr Dave Thomas and researcher Arslan Haider.
  • Produced a Race and Ethnicity Glossary which is available HERE

Currently the group is:

  • Planning an in person NERUPi event for May 2024


If you’re interested in joining this group, contact NERUPI.

A note on terminology

*The SsREE group recognises that the term BAME can be problematic as minority ethnic people are not one homogenous group and it does not capture or represent the full range of experiences. After considerable discussion the group changed its name to the Student and staff Race and Ethnic Equity Group

Useful materials

Find out more about the Culturally Sensitive Curriculum Scale research project here