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Student Voice Working Group


We are delighted to announce the establishment of a NERUPI working group, dedicated to exploring and advancing the theme of Student Voice within Higher Education. Building on the success of a NERUPI event on this subject, which featured great presentations and thought-provoking discussions, we are eager to foster a platform where we will explore how to foster meaningful student voice and how students can actively participate, co-create and collaborate while ensuring alignment with NERUPI's overarching objectives. Our primary focus is to facilitate rigorous evaluation and analysis of programmes when incorporating the invaluable perspective of Student Voice.

Group Aims and Objectives:

  • Explore approaches to fostering meaningful student voice in a range of contexts including students’ unions, committee representation and course review
  • Explore innovative approaches for involving students in research and evaluation processes
  • Assess, critique span class="Apple-converted-space"> contribution of students in emerging curriculums and pedagogies
  • Establish effective strategies for implementing the student voice from diverse backgrounds and geographies
  • Foster seamless co-creation and collaboration with students throughout the initiation of new initiatives.



If you're interested in joining this group, contact NERUPI.


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