Working groups

Student Ambassadors & Mentors


The working group was set up in autumn 2020. The group is interested in:

  • Recruitment of student ambassadors and mentors (SAM), particularly recruiting a diverse, balanced and representative cohort
  • Pedagogy for outreach / ambassador-led activities
  • The impact of SAM schemes on the ambassadors and mentors themselves including any impact on retention and attainment
  • The impact of working with SAM on WP activity participants
  • SAM training and development
  • Continuing contact and use of SAM after they graduate
  • Joining up work of SAM in schools and at university, employer outreach, the schools agenda, etc.
  • Student voice

In 2020-21, two task groups have been set up to look specifically at:

  • The impact on ambassadors: evaluating change in ambassadors and mentors related to being part of a scheme
  • The impact of ambassadors: evaluating change in activity participants related to working with student ambassadors and mentors


The group is planning to:

  • Share practice and learning from across the sector on research and evaluation of SAM schemes in terms of their impact on ambassadors
  • Analyse SAM job descriptions across the sector to inform training and development


Lead: Amy Burt, University of Kent

Contributing Academic: Clare Gartland, University of Suffolk

NERUPI Team Representative: Sally Griffin


If you're interested in joining this group, contact NERUPI.

Useful Materials

Report: An analysis of widening participation ambassadors: recruitment, training, working practices and evaluation - Roberts Zivtins, March 2020

Practice example presentations from the NERUPI Convention 2020: The Challenge of Evaluating Online Outreach / Student Ambassadors and a Theory of Change Model

Presentation: Exploring & enhancing the impact of student ambassadors - Dr Clare Gartland, March 2020

Journal article: Student ambassadors and STEM outreach: a study of practices in the USA - Clare Gartland, 2015

Journal article: Student ambassadors: ‘role-models’, learning practices and identities - Clare Gartland, 2015

Practice example presentation: SMILES sports mentorship & inclusive learning experience scheme - University of East London

Practice example presentation: Student leaders - South West Wales Reaching Wider Partnership, March 2020

Practice example presentation: Student ambassador led outreach - University of Sussex