Working groups

Engaging Parents & Carers


The working group was set up in autumn 2020. It is interested in parents and carers as key influencers of young people:

  • Why we should and how, when and where we can engage them in outreach and student success inititatives
  • Evaluating the impact of this engagement


The group is currently:

  • Mapping parent/carer engagement activity against the NERUPI Framework, whether this has been delivered or is planned with the aim of conceptualising what a long-term programme of engagement with parents could look like
  • Sharing practice and ideas for evaluating parent/carer engagement activity


Contributing Academic: Marie-Pierre Moreau, Anglia Ruskin University

NERUPI Team Representative: Annette Hayton


If you're interested in joining this group, contact NERUPI.

Useful Materials

Practice examples from the NERUPI Convention 2020: Engaging parents/carers online / Engaging mature students online

Report: Perceptions of higher education outreach and access activity - Office for Students, Oct 2019

Report: Partners in progression: engaging parents in university access - Ellie Mulcahy & Dr Sam Baars (2018)

Information: Parent Power Project, King's College London