Aims of the NERUPI Network

The Network for Evaluating and Researching University Participation Interventions (NERUPI) is a collaboration through which we aim to:

  • Develop members’ expertise and capacity in evaluating widening participation interventions underpinned by theory and research
  • Explore innovative and rigorous approaches to evaluation
  • Generate collaborative research and evaluation projects to increase knowledge and understanding about WP

Membership of NERUPI will enable partners to meet Office for Students requirements to:

  • Improve practice through better evaluation
  • Evaluate robustly
  • Draw on expertise and relationships beyond your organisation

To find out more about the NERUPI Framework underpinning the network, see our Theory section or read the article written by the NERUPI co-developers Annette Hayton and Andrew Bengry in the London Review of Education (Vol 14, No 3, 2016).

Year 12 Summer School Student Working On Project