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25 Apr 2024

NERUPI Toolkit: Data Collection Strategies – Session 2: Secondary sources

Online (Teams)

Part 2 of Data Collection Strategies explored the contribution of administrative datasets to evaluations of intervention strategies. It considered the challenges of using administrative data and the opportunities for gaining insights to inform access and participation activities.

11 Mar 2024

NERUPI and Your APP Submission

Friends House Euston, London NW1 2BJ

This free, in-person event for NERUPI members focused on evaluation for the APP. We heard reflections from the OfS on Wave 1 submissions and participants had the opportunity to develop their own action plans throughout the day

08 Feb 2024

NERUPI Toolkit: Data Collection Strategies – Part 1: Primary research

Online (Teams)

The first part of Data Collection Strategies will be an opportunity to review the data collection challenges in access and participation intervention strategy evaluations, share experiences, and explore tips for data collection strategies for high quality evaluations.

25 Jan 2024

How can higher education outreach in schools raise attainment?


In this session we heard from Professor Paul Ashwin from Lancaster University, who explored approaches to teaching and learning. We heard practice examples from NERUPI members and participated in a practical session to identify the elements of an effective intervention strategy for raising-attainment outreach.

07 Dec 2023

NERUPI Toolkit: Exploring Evaluation Designs – Part 2: Designs to test a programme theory

Online (Teams)

Part 2 of Exploring Evaluation Designs will explore theory-driven evaluation approaches. It will focus on the context of intervention strategies for small groups or in small organisations where options for quantitative approaches are more limited. It will consider different evaluation design options and how these might be applied in practice.

22 Nov 2023

Employability and Progression


This NERUPI event explored some of the wider issues affecting student employability and progression as well as providing up-to-date, research based information on the value of a degree in the current labour market. Examples of interesting practice were shared by NERUPI members who are working to support the employability and progression of their students, and delegates worked together to identify key elements of an effective intervention strategy for student progression.

04 Oct 2023

Working with the NERUPI Framework and the EORR


This practically-focussed event introduced the mechanics of the NERUPI framework and how it relates to the EORR, as well as a demonstration of the updated NERUPI Framework Template which includes quick links to the EORR. It also included the launch of the new NERUPI Theory of Change Template and a presentation of the revised NERUPI question bank including institutional indicators.

13 Sep 2023

NERUPI Convention 2023: The Power of Partnership

Friends House, Euston Road, London NW1 2BJ

The creation of a more equitable higher education system is the ambition of many in the sector but achieving it can be challenging. Meaningful change requires a cultural transformation which cannot be realised by working in isolation. Collaborations and partnerships can support the change process enabling us to learn from diverse experiences, share expertise and develop new insights. At this event members heard from John Blake, Director for Fair Access and Participation at the Office for Students, learnt about some of the excellent partnership work that is already taking place and explored how research and evaluation could contribute to greater equity and inclusion.