The NERUPI Framework and the OfS Self-Assessment Tool

Date: 10th November 2021


Please note this event is for Members only

As more teams engage with the OfS self-assessment tool its value in supporting evaluation as part of Access and Participation Plans (APPs) becomes increasingly clear. Combined with the NERUPI Framework, a powerful approach to planning and evaluating meaningful interventions can be achieved to underpin a process of continuous improvement.

At this largely practical half-day session we considered the pros and cons of the self-assessment tool and discussed how it could be combined with the NERUPI Framework. Working in groups participants explored how using the self-assessment tool and NERUPI Framework could enhance their APPs and monitoring returns.

Speakers included:

  • Joanne Moore, Educational Consultant and lead researcher and developer for the OfS Self-Assessment Tool
  • Annette Hayton, Senior Research Fellow, University of Bath and NERUPI Convenor


  • Found out more about the OfS Self-Assessment tool and the NERUPI Framework
  • Saw how NERUPI members have used NERUPI OfS Self-Assessment tool
  • Gained an understanding of how the OfS Self-Assessment tool can be used with the NERUPI Framework
  • Explored ways of incorporating the OfS Self-Assessment tool and the NERUPI Framework into their APPs and monitoring returns.

Download the full programme here: 10 November Programme


Using the OfS Self-Assessment Tool to support your evaluation strategy - Joanne Moore

Combining the NERUPI Framework with the OfS Self-Assessment Tool - Annette Hayton

Applying the OfS Self-Assessment Tool and NERUPI Framework to your APP: A workshop session - Annette Hayton

How NERUPI can contribute to the OfS Self Assessment Tool - Summary table (download)