Working groups

Uni Connect


The working group was set up in autumn 2020. The group is interested in:

  • How the NERUPI framework can be embedded in Uni Connect partnership (UCP) plans and evaluation approaches
  • How UCPs plan to implement both requirements and guidance from the Office for Students. There is currently a strong focus on attainment raising in schools in line with OfS Guidance
  • Evaluation methods
  • Understanding the most effective ways to plan and prioritise evaluation as UCPS, given the large number of interventions being delivered
  • Supporting the development and dissemination of the NERUPI Toolkit, including the question bank
  • Exploring software and tools which can support Uni Connect evaluation and presentation of data
  • Developing collaborative research and evaluation projects


The group is planning to:

  • Pilot elements of the NERUPI question bank and collate their findings to aid development of the question bank and wider toolkit
  • Explore how the ArcGIS mapping and analytics software can be used to assist with UCP data visualisation (subject to OfS confirmation that some form of area-based targeting will remain for Phase 3 of Uni Connect)
  • Support the planning and delivery of the NERUPI Uni Connect event on the 28th April 2021, with input and presentations from working group members


NERUPI Team Representative: Sally Griffin


If you're interested in joining this group, contact NERUPI.

Useful Materials

Uni Connect Evaluation Update from the Office for Students - Beth Isaac (June 2020)

Office for Students: Uni Connect