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Why and how the post-Covid world could offer more opportunities for widening participation in England

Posted on: June 16, 2020

In this HEPI blog, NERUPI members Renata Albuquerque (SOAS), Sam Dunnett (University of Sussex), Annette Hayton (University of Bath), Colin McCaig (Sheffield Hallam University) and Anna Mountford-Zimdars (University of Exeter) outline constructive ways forward for widening participation in a post Covid-19 world. They consider opportunities to improve digital educational access, working together to support students in their choices and transitions and collaboration among HE providers which puts student well-being, not competition at the centre. The authors conclude that despite the challenges, there are some exciting opportunities and realistic prospects to be optimistic about the potential for digital and collaborative provision for widening participation.

Access the HEPI blog here: Post Covid-19 opportunities for WP