Working with the NERUPI Framework and the EORR

Date: 04th October 2023

Location: Online

Please note this event is for Members only

The recent changes to Access and Participation plans introduced by the Office for Students in England require a more thoughtful and robust approach to evaluation. Using a risk-based approach the Equal Opportunities Risk Register (EORR) this is very different to previous iterations. The NERUPI team has been exploring how the NERUPI Framework can articulate with the EORR to strengthen evaluation and support members, particularly those going in to Wave 2 of the APP process.

This practically-focussed event included:

  • an introduction to the mechanics of the NERUPI framework and how it relates to the EORR
  • demonstration of the updated NERUPI Framework Template which includes quick links to the EORR
  • launch of the new NERUPI Theory of Change Template
  • presentation of the revised NERUPI question bank including institutional indicators.

This was useful for all NERUPI members concerned with planning and evaluation, either as evaluators or as practitioners and managers.

This event will took place from 13.00 pm - 16.00 pm.