Using Interactive Learning Approaches to Deliver Effective Outreach: Towards a Pedagogy for Equity

Date: 21st October 2021


Please note this event is for Members only

This is an all day, online workshop event.

Confirmed speakers include:

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Thinking about how outreach is delivered or, in other words, what pedagogical model is used by those delivering outreach sessions, is particularly important for activities aimed at raising participants' attainment and developing their skills. Engagement is critical to a successful session and an essential aspect of the NERUPI approach so it is important to develop an inclusive and culturally sensitive pedagogy that will involve the participants. However there are challenges to delivering successful outreach sessions which often take place with new groups in unfamiliar surroundings.

This workshop event will provide a space for increasing awareness about why and how we deliver outreach sessions. You will hear about pedagogies designed to foster active engagement and how they can be applied to outreach. We will explore strategies for evaluating the impact of your approach using the NERUPI framework so that you can continue to refine and improve your activities.

In the afternoon you will have the opportunity to take part in a workshop with Professor Wendy Jolliffe exploring co-operative learning which is ideally suited to many outreach activities.

This NERUPI session is designed for those planning, delivering and evaluating outreach activities. It will give participants the opportunity to:

  • Find out more about pedagogies designed to foster active engagement with diverse groups
  • Hear about examples of outreach pedagogy from NERUPI members
  • Understand how pedagogy relates to the NERUPI Framework and evaluation of outreach
  • Explore and develop strategies for including co-operative learning approaches in outreach.

The event was developed as part of the NERUPI Knowledge and Pedagogy Working Group which is co-convened by Renata Albuquerque, SOAS and David Dobraszcyzk, University of Reading.