Student Ambassadors Supporting Underrepresented Groups in Higher Education

Date: 22nd March 2023

Location: Online (TEAMS)

The international Erasmus+ project Development of Inclusive and Participatory Learning in Organisations through Multicultural Ambassadors (DIPLOMA) is a collaboration between the Universities of Suffolk in the UK, Bucharest in Romania, Amasya in Turkey and the Université Catholique de l'Ouest in France. Unlike in the UK, including students in outreach work with under-represented groups is not yet standard practice in the European Union. The DIPLOMA project aims to develop models of cross-sector working to encourage the wider use of student ambassadors along with a package of training modules for student ambassadors to engage, connect and empower the young people that they work with.

The convenor of this conference, Dr Clare Gartland from the University of Suffolk, is the UK lead for the Erasmus+ DIPLOMA project and also the contributing academic on the NERUPI Student Ambassador and Mentor (SAM) Working Group. The SAM Working Group has developed and piloted a Student Ambassador Reflective Tool aimed to gain insights from students on the impact of their training and participation in outreach work. The Tool explored students’ views of the skills, attributes and key competencies that they developed whilst working in this role. The findings from this project, along with student ambassador training materials and practice from within the Working Group, will contribute to the Erasmus+ DIPLOMA project.

At this online conference you will:

  • find out more about the international Erasmus+ DIPLOMA Project
  • learn about the findings from its systematic reviews of effective widening participation strategies and activities of student ambassadors
  • hear practice examples of outreach activities in schools from members of the NERUPI Student Ambassador and Mentor Working Group
  • share the experience of colleagues at the University of Texas at El Paso of working with student employees
  • explore the benefits of working as a student ambassador through the experiences of students from the UK and North Macedonia.

We would like to especially welcome student ambassadors and mentors who work with you on widening participation initiatives to join us and participate in this international event.

Further Details:

The conference is being organised and delivered by our NERUPI partners at the University of Suffolk and will take place on TEAMS between 09.30 and 15.00 UTC.

To find out more about the conference programme or to book a place for yourself and/or your student ambassadors and mentors please click here