NERUPI Convention 2019: Making Spaces in Higher Education: Exploring Possible Selves

Date: 02nd July 2019

Location: University of Bath in London, 83 Pall Mall London

Please note this event is for Members only

Confirmed Speakers

Professor Jacqueline Stevenson MBE is the Head of Research at the Sheffield Institute of Education, Sheffield Hallam University. Jacqueline will be speaking on students' perceptions of their 'future' or 'possible selves' and how this impacts on access, success and progression in higher education. The temporal orientation of UK policy on access to and success in higher education is towards the future. Underlying such policies is the assumption that all students are oriented towards the future, can imagine what this future might look like, and that their progression in to the future is linear. Jacqueline will problematise such assumptions by presenting different and alternate temporalities. In doing so she will explore how recognising students’ different temporal orientations can help inform access, retention and success policies and practices.

Dr Andrew Bengry is a Senior Lecturer at Bath Spa University and co-developer of the NERUPI Framework. Andrew will explain his use of the concept of possible selves as a tool to underpin his approach to teaching undergraduate projects in qualitative research as well as enabling students to critically reflect on factors that can affect their career goals, strategies and success. This approach lays bare the challenges that WP students might face in HE but using a reflexive process that develops their capacities and sense of agency.

Dr Julian Crockford is Manager of the WP Research and Evaluation Unit at the University of Sheffield. Together with Annette Hayton, NERUPI Convenor, he will be exploring why theories of change are important for evaluation and research that aims to address inequalities, explain how they can be applied in practice and describe the ways in which they can relate to the NERUPI Framework.

Dr Alex Wardrop, Evidence and Effective Practice Manager, Office for Students, will present on the OfS approach to evaluating access and participation, how it can support HE providers and how it relates to the NERUPI Framework.


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