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Events: Addressing the BAME Outcome Gap - October-December 2020

Posted on: August 05, 2020

We have finalised the dates for a series of three events looking at the BAME outcome gap, how we can better understand it and what the HE sector can do to narrow this gap. The events will focus on the broader cultural issues within the academy which are at the heart of the outcome disparity for some BAME students.

Event 1: 14 Oct 2020

Jason Arday (Durham University) will provide the context with Berekhet Berakhy and Dorrie Chetty from University of Westminster adding insights on institutional change.

Event 2: 11 Nov 2020

Nona McDuff OBE (Solent University) will talk on curriculum change followed by Dave Thomas ( University of Kent).

Event 3: 3 Dec 2020

The third event is a panel discussion, an opportunity to debate the issues and start to identify constructive ways forward. Speakers from the previous events will be present at the panel discussion.

For more information on this event and for booking, please go to the event page:

The Open University is also running a webinar series on this important topic. Visit the OU website for further information: Redesigning HEIs to reduce inequitable outcomes for BAME students - Part 2