NERUPI Convention 2019: Making Spaces in Higher Education: Exploring Possible Selves

Date: 02nd July 2019

Location: University of Bath in London 83 Pall Mall London SW1Y 5ES

Please note this event is for Members only

Bringing the Network together to reflect on the NERUPI Framework, evaluation, methods and practice.

Confirmed Speakers

Professor Jacqueline Stevenson MBE, Sheffield Hallam University

Richard Shiner, Head of Evaluation, Office for Students

Call for Abstracts for Workshops and Posters

We want to hear from our members at the Convention and are therefore calling on you to submit abstracts for workshops - or posters - on your WP projects, evaluation and research (45-50 mins). Don't be shy - sharing ideas, practice, research and evaluation from across our members is what the NERUPI Network is all about.

We'd like your papers by 10 May. More information and the submission form are on the blog: Call for Abstracts for Workshops and Posters for the NERUPI Convention 2019.

To book this event please complete the form below or email us.

Evaluating Equity And Widening Participation Initiatives

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